Rehearsal/Recital Info

Dress Rehearsal Information

Our dress rehearsal and recital are usually held on a Saturday in June at the Dr. Michael T. Lake Performing Arts Center at Neptune High School. Students must attend dress rehearsal in order to participate in the recital.  Families with outstanding tuition bills will not be allowed to participate in dress rehearsal or recital.  Please bring all children to dress rehearsal and recital already dressed in full costume and makeup (lipstick, blush, mascara, and natural eyeshadow). Be sure you have the proper tights for each dance.  The students will wear their hair in a bun with their bangs slicked back. Secure headpieces with lots of bobby pins. NO UNDERWEAR OR JEWELRY should be worn with the costumes. Children who perform in more than one dance should come dressed for their first dance. On dress rehearsal day, everyone will change in the Backstage Dressing Room.  On recital day the children will be assigned to several different changing areas. You will be notified about your changing area about a month before the recital. The order of your dances may not be the same on rehearsal and recital days. Check the schedule carefully to avoid arriving in the wrong costume.

On dress rehearsal day, enter the Performing Arts Center through the doors marked A3 facing Neptune Blvd under the words “performing arts center.” Only 1 parent or guardian should accompany their child to dress rehearsal. DO NOT bring extra people. Your child will sit with their group in assigned seats at dress rehearsal. My teenage student helpers will sit with the children. No parents should sit in the row. Each group will rehearse their dance two times. We do not practice the grand finale at dress rehearsal.

Please reserve the front row of seats for the parents whose children are on stage dancing. You may take as many photos and videos at dress rehearsal as you like. NO VIDEOCAMERAS OR CAMERAS will be permitted in the auditorium on recital day.  NO PICTURE TAKING of any kind, including with cellphones and other electronic devices, will be permitted at the recital.

A professional photographer will be available for still photos at dress rehearsal. AFTER your child rehearses his/her dance, she will be permitted to line up for individual photos. I cannot hold up dress rehearsal waiting for a child who is in the photo line. Give your photo payment directly to the photographer at dress rehearsal. A professional videographer will videotape both the 12pm and 6pm recitals. Orders for these DVDs will be taken at dress rehearsal or can be mailed directly to the videographer.

Recital Information

The recital is usually held on a Saturday in June. You will drop your child off 30 minutes before show time. All students will enter through the Heck Avenue door marked D4 at the back of the Performing Arts Center. Only 1 parent should escort their child to their assigned recital location.  You will then exit back out the Heck Avenue door and proceed around to the front of the Performing Arts Center to enter the auditorium through the lobby on the Neptune Blvd side. No children are permitted to enter through the lobby on recital day.  Children must arrive in full costume and makeup. Please send them with a coloring book and crayons or a small game or a deck of cards (nothing messy!) DO NOT send the children with electronic games or cellphones. We cannot be responsible for lost or stolen items. DO NOT send food or drinks.

The auditorium doors will open 30 minutes before show time. NO CAMERAS OR VIDEOCAMERAS will be permitted in the auditorium. Anyone attempting to take pictures or videos at the performance will be asked to leave. The show will last approximately two and a half hours. Your child will be well supervised. DO NOT visit them during the show or at intermission. Only backstage volunteers will be permitted backstage once the show has started. This is for your child’s safety.

Each child is expected to perform his/her dance as well as the grand finale. After the finale is over, wait 5 minutes for us to get the children back to their assigned area and then send 1 adult to pick them up. If your child is performing in more than 1 show, he/she must leave the Performing Arts Center between performances. No one will be allowed to remain in the building between shows. Thank you for your cooperation.

Directions and Parking Information for Dress Rehearsal and Recital

Dr. Michael T. Lake Performing Arts Center at Neptune High School

55 Neptune Blvd. Neptune NJ 07753

Take Route 33W – Make a right onto Neptune Blvd (Walgreens is on the corner). Pass the library and Neptune High School is on the left. The Performing Arts Center is on the left on the corner of Heck and Neptune Blvd. Parking for both the rehearsal and recital is at the Board of Education Office Parking Lot at 60 Neptune Blvd. To access parking from Neptune Blvd., make a right at the light onto Heck Ave. At next corner turn right onto Taylor Avenue and enter Board of Education parking lot. On dress rehearsal day, proceed across Neptune Blvd and enter through doors  A3 in front of Performing Arts Center. On recital day, dancers enter through Door D4 at the rear of the Performing Art Center on Heck Avenue with 1 parent. Everyone else will use door A3 at the front of the Performing Arts Center. Parking is prohibited in the horseshoe in front of the Performing Arts Center. Thank you for your cooperation.