Ages 7 and up (1 hour class)

Ballet is the foundation of all styles of dance. It strengthens the dancers’ core muscles, improves their flexibility and imparts a graceful quality to their movement. Whether a recreational dancer looking for fun and fitness, or a pre-professional teen with dreams of becoming a star, all dancers benefit from studying ballet. As our dancers progress , their posture will improve, and they will develop a sense of self confidence and pride in their accomplishments.

Our students are trained using a combination of the Cechetti Method(Italian) and the Vaganova Method(Russian). Each class begins at the ballet barre with a structured set of exercises designed to teach basic ballet techniques. As the students master these techniques, they will progress to using them in center floor and travelling combinations. The grace, body awareness, and appreciation for classical music learned from studying ballet will remain with the dancers long after they have completed their class.


ages 11 and up (by recommendation only) ( 1/2 – 3/4 hour class )

Requirement-Must also take Ballet Class

Every ballerina remembers that special day when she received her first pair of pointe shoes. However, the study of pointe is very rigorous and requires a serious committed student. Our ballet students must complete a minimum of 3 years of an hour ballet class and be at least 11 years of age, before being considered to study pointe.

The dancers must progress slowly to prevent injury. They will spend much of their first year at the barre developing strength in their ankles, feet and core before venturing out to the center floor. As such, first year pointe students do not perform in the recital. However, by the end of their second year, the patience and hard work pays off as the dancers perform pointe on stage for the first time!